My Story:
In 1970 as an Army Combat Engineer serving a tour of duty in Vietnam,
I began my fascination with capturing images that reflects my life
experiences and observations

After Vietnam I looked inward and began what became a life-long
journey of self-discovery through the creative arts.

As a composer I wrote symphonies to tell my stories. As a photographer
taking pictures was and is a means for me to hold visual moments in time so I might absorb and experience them a little longer.

While serving in Vietnam I volunteered to put a band together and play music for the troops up at the front lines. While on this tour I took my camera and captured moments of time from that experience.
In 2003, I once again put a band together and played for the troops as part of the a USO. Called the Lt. Dan Band, we played throughout the US, in Korea, Singapore, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Germany, United Kingdom, Brussels and others. As with my music tour in Vietnam, I took my camera to document my many USO adventures.

Together, photography and music now provide me a distinct voice for self-reflection, social commentary and cultural engagement
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